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The Character sheet is required to play the game. This is where you write down all the details about your character. The Digital version is coloured and you can edit the PDF. The Print version is Black and white, perfect for printing. Currently, both are incidental, as the digital PDF can be printed just fine.

The Player guide is akin to the rule book, it guides players in how to create characters and helps players learn how different actions affect game-play and how they are handled. 
This is a work in progress.

The Galactic map bellow shows a number of Star Systems and Void stations. Whilst there are hundreds of thousands of Star Systems and Void stations of influence, the ones shown on this map are either of extreme significance or have come up during the test-games. This map will be updated as they more Star Systems and Void stations are brought into the cannon during the test games.

The basic Galactic map.