Starships & Laserguns
Starships & Laserguns
Lore based Tabletop Roleplaying in a classical space opera
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"Shadowrun meets Stars Without Numbers"

The Game

Starships & Laserguns is a lore based Table Top Role Playing Game set in an expansive classical space opera. 

The TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) genre is primarily based on story telling. Starships and Laserguns offers a unique and expansive setting for the stories you craft. 

The classical space opera genre has been heavily influenced over the years by works such as: Star Wars, Dune, The Expanse, Enders game and many others. If you're looking for a role playing game filled with everything from robot bounty hunters and alien crime lords to corporate espionage and under cover revolutionaries then Starships and Laserguns is the game for you.

Starships and Laserguns uses both a 2D10 system and a 1d10 successes system, in conjunction to provide a balanced game. The game also includes both a perks and skills system to offer further personalisation of your characters. The game is also class-free, meaning that you can build your characters however you feel without any restrictions from the class systems that limit other games.

Starships and Laserguns has been described as "Shadowrun meets Stars Without Number" as we aim to combine complex mechanics and limitless possibilities with a simpler, fun system whilst avoiding the pitfalls of Pathfinder's "bigger numbers" aproach.

The Lore

Starships & Laserguns is a lore based game, and as such has an expansive lore detailed in the lore book.

The lore for Starships and Laserguns takes place in a galaxy not dissimilar in size to our own. Once inhabited by a now extinct race of supremely advanced beings, the current citizens live under the one banner of the Alliance, a (mostly) fair, democratic system. With 5 races under one banner and full AI rights, things are sure to get interesting.

The universe of Starships and Laserguns and it's unique mechanics allow the game to be played how you want to play. Long story driven campaigns building to an epic conclusion or the tale of a simple starship and her crew's journey into the frontier, fraught with peril?
With Starships and Laserguns, the possibilities are endless.

With lore stretching far into the future and deep into the distant past, future expansions will look in greater depth at both, are the history books correct, and just who were these ancient aliens? More lore books will be released along with expansions for the core game play and the items available, each accurately attuned to a specific time period in the lore.


If any of this sounds interesting, you can check out the current release versions of the books here.


"You're not a true explorer unless you've succumbed to the temptation of flying drunk with not a single authority vessel within a hundred lightyears from you" ~ Tommi Krupp

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Starships & Laserguns is being actively developed by Angel Dice

Angel Dice are a small development team with a passion for table top role playing games. We enjoy playing them and love the stories that they create. Starships and Laserguns is our first game.

The game is under constant development by Angel Dice and being actively play tested by a group who we work with on a weekly basis to gather feedback on balance and other issues with the game. This model allows us to experience the game first hand as both a player and game master, letting us iron out any flaws and ensure the game is evenly balanced in the process.

Support the project

Starships & Laserguns is crowd funded by some amazing people.

The crowdfunding for Starships & Laserguns has already helped the project massively, allowing us to commission artwork, saving the project during a computer failure and increasing productivity by allowing me to work away from home.

You can support Starships & Laserguns through our Patreon, or a one-time donation using the buttons. You can also support Starships & Laserguns by sharing the project or joining our discord server. Any support whatsoever is amazing! (Seriously you guys are awesome).

Have any questions? Ask us at:


"You could tell a lot about people by the way they carried themselves. Traders were usually amenable, they didn't spend long in the black, and it showed on their softer faces. Mercenaries tended to look the part, often with more than one blaster strapped to their side, they had hard faces and attitudes that radiated confidence. Cartographers were distinctive, we spent the most time in the black and it showed. We were explorers, adventurers, and we'd seen things. It took a certain type of personality to remain sane after so long alone. They were a superstitious, eccentric and often times down right crazy type and none of them remembered how to act around civilised society." ~ Valk'eura


Gilded seas

Sailing the high seas.

Gilded Seas is a project to create a simpler table top role-playing game system, lacking all the features of Starships and Laserguns. It is designed to be simple to learn and  easy to play. Gilded seas is designed to help introduce new players to the table top role-playing game genre.

Gilded Seas is about sailing the high seas, fighting giant monsters and gathering loot.

The first alpha build is currently estimated to be released in late 2018.


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We're doing more than just working on Starships and Laserguns!

Aftermath &  Sands of Fate

Aftermath and Sands of Fate are a pair of dungeons and dragons games that I am running for a group of friends every Sunday. The games are being recorded for YouTube, a move inspired by a shared love of Critical Role and Roll4it. 

Aftermath is set in a custom setting, with significant homebrewing. Sands of Fate is a second game with a cast of whole new characters (but the same awesome players) connected to Aftermath through means that are yet to be revealed.

D&D Homebrewery

The D&D Homebrewery is a place for us to share a number of homebrew creations for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. These include a list of interesting Magic items, A race (modified and expanded on from the D&D wiki's homebrew section), A class based on a wizard and there is another class in the works, the likes of which haven't been seen in D&D before (to my knowledge).

Check them out here: D&D Homebrewery

Elite Noir

Elite: Dangerous is a fantastic video game produced by Frontier Developments, that both myself and many of my play-testers have sunk many hours into (we even found one of Aftermath's cast and S&L play-tester in an Elite: Dangerous community discord). The game offers some amazing scenery, and the comics over on inspired me to try my hand at a few similar ideas.
I have since stopped playing almost all video games in favor of spending almost all my time working on Starships & Laserguns, so there won't be any updates for a while.
If you're interested in checking them out, they can be found here: Elite Noir

Elite: Dangerous has definitely had it's hand in the inspiration behind some of Starships and Laserguns, and if you play many Video Games, i highly recommend checking it out.


Starships & Laserguns has a rich expansive lore. However there are some problems with very expansive, lore heavy settings. Namely, it's very hard to learn without a massive info-dump (or reading the Lore book). I've started writing a novel called Cartographer to help introduce people to the setting without having to sit down and read the whole lore book.

You can find it here: Cartographer


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