Unfortunately, a potentially major setback has occurred thanks to Windows' habit of forcing updates.

What happened

Around midday on Wednesday Windows forced an update when i restarted my computer to fix a bug with the headphones (The 'ole classic turn it off and on again). Unfortunately, Windows failed to complete the update, and then failed to restore the previous version of Windows, corrupting an essential process.
Thanks to the combined efforts of a netbook, the memory card from an MP3 player and a USB stick, I have managed to get Ubuntu running on my computer (although not installed, which proved to be useful).
Through this method I have begun the laborious process of recovering much of the data on my hard drive to an external drive. Among the first files recovered were all of the Starships and Laserguns files.

What's Next

A new computer has been something I have been searching for for some time, although i have so far lacked the funds to acquire one and short of robbing a bank I am still unable to do so. However the need for a new computer has become far more pressing.

For the moment, I will be attempting to format my old drive and re-use that. Either way it could be expensive as I will have to buy a new copy of windows and potentially a new drive (which is the hard drive of an HP pavilion G6 laptop, and will be expensive) along with a new copy of Page plus (which I use to write S&L), although there is a chance I can recover the files for Page Plus from my old drive.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of NoLateGame, the costs of getting Starships and Laserguns back on schedule have been covered, so a major thanks to him for the amazing support and generosity!

Starships and Laserguns 0.7.5 Development will be slower for a short time. I apologize for the delay (address your hate letters to microsoft).

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