0.7.5 Features

The next update to Starships and Laserguns has a huge number of features being changed, updated and added. There are also a few features that are being removed due to player feedback.

The old character sheet has been in use for a number of test games, during which a number of issues with it have been found. It has been updated to reflect the changes to the game, as well as some more subtle changes. The previous "three box system" for recording stats and knowledge has been removed completely, leaving only a single box to record each stat for added simplicity. It also has simplified vehicles from 3 stats per vehicle to a single one. There is also now a new sheet that contains the perk tree and perk chains.

After extensively discussing the issue with players, the decision has been made to remove classes and change how levels work. Levels are now received every time the player gains 100 XP, and players may spend their XP during a long rest to gain new perks, boost stats, knowledge or vehicular skills. Classes have been removed in favor of 6 perk-chains and a perk-tree. The perk-chains grant the previous abilities of the classes: Gunslinger, Rifleman, Marksman, Slicer, Pilot and Negotiator. These chains are not exclusive, meaning you can now effectively "multi-class". The Perk-tree is not related to any class ability but grants a number of benefits, such as advantage on perception checks or knowledge rolls. Some perks are granted by default due to a character's race of background.

The new Bonus Points (or BP) currency is designed as a reward form the game-master to the player. It is a powerful bonus that characters can be granted for good RP, as well as on the "Epic Feats" tables. It can also be granted by the Game Master at will to players for any reason. These points can be "melted down" for XP, or "spent" on a roll to give the player a +10 to that roll, or +5 degrees of success on a knowledge roll. There are a number of other benefits that can be gained from these points.

The Stress-Relief system has been in need of some balancing from the start, that time has now come. With the 0.7.5 update, the Stress system has been revamped and sanity has been totally removed. Stress now starts at 15 and is reduced whenever a character chooses to spend stress. Whenever it passes certain thresh-holds the character begins suffering penalties to their rolls, and eventually is forced to face the dreaded "insanity table". This change means that characters have 3x less stress to spend and will face increased penalties for doing so, this both compliments the new BP system and aims to deal with the "Stress abuse" that one play tester demonstrated.

The races and backgrounds have been fleshed out significantly, adding more and new starting gear to the backgrounds and introducing descriptions, perks, stat bonuses and more to the Races.

Perhaps the least exciting sounding, but most noticeable change to the guide book is that the formatting has been updated. The Guide book is now in A4 format, and has a lot more information on one page, the page numbers are more readable, and the black text with a white outline has been removed in favor or pure white text. The guide also now follows a standardised format, which previously was more than a little iffy.

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