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The previous update to Starships and Laserguns included a total overhaul to the character creation system, new weapons, skill, roles and backgrounds.
The update is currently being play-tested by a team that work closely with angel dice to ensure that the game plays smoothly.

The Personality update also saw the transition from Google Doc character sheets to a PDF.

The Next update in the works is 0.7.5, a massive overhaul with updates across the board, from a revamped character sheet to a new XP based, classless system for levelling characters.

The 0.7.5 update brings a whole host of new features along with updates, tweaks and changes to the older ones.


On the horizon is the Starships update, which will bring with it an overhaul to the current way starships work in game. They are currently in-game in a rudimentary state but the Starships update will flesh them out into a fully working system.

The Starships update will also bring with it a new race known as Spirits. Spirits are the AI's that evolve inside a starship's computers, these will be covered in more detail in the lore books.