Who is this "Yargon Kerman" anyway?

That’s me, I’m Yargon Kerman, also known as Tom Rawlinson by boring people, or Yarker by the most hippest kids.

Along with writing Starships and Laserguns, I’m currently a student at the SAE Institute’s Glasgow campus studying Game Arts Animation and I also play and run multiple D&D games.

I’m hoping to get Angel Dice Games up and running as a company in the near future, so that I can focus my energy on Starships and laserguns. The course I’m currently studying will help me to get some of the basic skills i need to produce artwork, animations and other pieces of visual art to aid with Starships and Laserguns.

According to VARK, I’m a Kinesthetic learner, which means I’ll be doing a lot of practising the things I need to do to learn. That sounds about right to me, so you can expect to be seeing a bunch of sketches and other pieces of work posted to my Art Station, which should start to be updated soon.