Maybe i should be better at this,

If i had to say, confidence is probably my biggest problem so far. I just need to practice and not be afraid to get things wrong. I think that’s one of the reasons i prefer digital mediums so much. If something works i can easily share it and if it doesn’t i can just leave it in a folder somewhere to never by touched again. I guess it’s similar for paper drawings, but i still have them and i’ve wasted resources, right? Well I guess not, it’s all just practice…

Still, I think i’ve only ever managed to fill out one sketchbook completely, so if i want to work on that, I should get a pencil, a sketchbook, and draw things… lots of things… and i really shouldn’t be afraid to be bad.

I’d say that it’s obvious really, that 3D modeling and vector drawing are my current strengths, but I really can’t draw to save my life. I suppose that ought to change.

I do own a graphics tablet, which i’m still waiting on a replacement pen for. That said, the drawings bellow are some of the things i’ve managed to do with it.

  1. A drawing i was working on for one of my D&D characters. I had to trace the pose from one i found online and it never got finished as the game ended.

  2. Basically just a cropped version of No.1 I added a basic background and used that as the artwork for that character.

  3. I only really needed the head and shoulders for the character I drew No.3 for, so i traced a basic pose and then set fire to the face and went from there.

  4. While drawing No.3 I realized I could turn it into a drawing of a Novakid from Starbound, which i did.

As it stands, basically everything about drawing, both by hand and with a graphics tablet, needs work.

That said, I should probably focus on drawing people, poses and anatomy isn’t really my strong suit, and after that, I need to work on hair and faces. When drawing with pencils, I could also do with some work on shading.

yargon kerman