i SHOULD be better at this,

So upon a little thought, it does seem like the only way to get better at this whole drawing thing, would be to draw more. I know, crazy, right?

As great as it sounds, I can’t unfortunately sit around and draw all day for a few months, so I’m gonna need to find a way to get better at this, with some modicum of efficiency. And how do i do that? Well… uhh… if i knew some miracle method, i’d’ve already done it.

So we’re gonna need to prioritize, by the looks of it. So what’s the plan? Let’s try drawing people. Like, body sketches. I should probably learn to focus on the shape, so like, taking it fast. Say, giving myself 5 minutes to draw each one.

Once I’ve got the basics of drawing people down, I should work out the details, perhaps taking a bit longer for each one.

I should practice doing it with my graphics tablet more than pencil really, as having digital copies of concept drawings would be far more useful if i go into hard surface vehicle and weapon’s modeling, which is the current career plan.

Who knows, maybe one day i’ll be good enough at this to do my own artwork for Starships and Laserguns?

yargon kerman